Wedding Planning Business Ideas

Some readers requested for information about how to start a wedding planning business. Actually this is one great business ideas that anyone can start and do business at home with or without help from other family members. You may start these business ideas by looking in the internet for articles, video tutorials and more to help educate yourself first.

Your first goal in order for your business to be the best among other competitors is to know what your competitors weaknesses. Knowing their weaknesses will give you the best business ideas, you will avoid the downside that other wedding planners or event consultants have suffered.

The wedding planner’s main task is to know the ins and outs of weddings.  A wedding planner should be knowledgeable, prepared, detail-oriented, have creative business ideas, people-person, have good judgment, persistence and the capable to manage within any budget for the special day. As a planner you should need to be on the ball of the latest trends in wedding products and services, business ideas, foodstuff, song, ceremonial and reception decoration.

You should have large contact or networks with Cake decorators, Flower decorators, Hairstylist, Photographers, Disc Jockey for music, Venues, Wedding dress designer, Party favor suppliers and a lot more. These business ideas will teach you how to deal with different kinds of person and also deal with people with fluctuating emotions. Create good relationships with your prospective suppliers and discuss for the best feasible price.

Wedding planning business ideas are put up on with good reputation. Prospective clients will want to look at the wedding planner’s qualifications and good record of achievement in running and managing wedding events. To assist you in putting up a collection of your wedding event work, organize wedding events for your own relatives and acquaintances. Make sure to catch pictures from the event and a get recommendation from the groom and bride to build your reputation.

Startup equipment and supplies for wedding planners are computer, printer, cell phone, website, and camera.

Refreshments Business Ideas


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Refreshments that can definitely cool you off 
and make you earn money especially this summer!
Here are the popular Filipino all time favorite 
summer quencher and take a long, cool sip.
Sago’t Gulaman
cooked gulaman, cubed
boiled sago
crushed ice
Pour in the water when the sugar is caramelized in a saucepan
Wait until the sugar is completely dissolve. The set aside to cool
Add some of the cooled arnibal or syrup to the sago to sweeten it.
Put some sago and gulaman in a glass. 
Add enough arnibal to sweeten. 
Fill with crushed ice and add some ice-cold water.
Mais con yelo
sweet whole kernel corn
cream-style corn
crushed ice
corn flakes
In a glass, add some corn
Add crushed ice and milk
Put another layer of corn
Sprinkle it with corn flakes
Add sugar to taste
saba banana
red beans
crushed ice
ice cream
ube haleya
leche flan
In a tall glass, half-fill  with your choice of sweets. 
Add crushed ice. 
Top with ube haleya and leche flan
Serve with milk and sugar
Banana con Yelo
saging na saba
brown sugar
fresh milk
crushed ice
In a tall glass, half-fill with banana
Add crushed ice. 
Top with crushed ice and pour fresh milk to sweeten
Serve with milk and sugar
This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.

Cool Drinks Business Ideas

Hot Summer! It's so refreshing to sip cold drinks during hot summer days! 
Try these cool drinks that you can use to start your business this Summer.

Materials needed:
Acrylic container


Buko Pandan Juice
unflavored gelatin 
pandan leaves
buko water
fresh Milk
condensed milk
buko meat, grated

Melon Juice
Melon meat - grated
fresh milk 
ice cubes

Orange Juice
orange juice
dry milk
ice cubes

Pineapple Juice
1 big can of pineapple juice
ice cubes

This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.

Coffee Shop Business Ideas

Opening and starting a booming coffee shop can be dream come true for most coffee lovers. Coffee business can be somewhat profitable in the right hands. It is important to give it the sincerity and cautious planning method it deserves.

Starting a coffee shop business can be a vast idea, but there are some familiar errors that owners run into. Here are some errors or mistakes:
  • Not advertising your product. Who wants to buy coffee if they are not familiar with your coffee?
  • Not offering promotion that could entice customers to buy your product. (i.e. discounts, buy 1 take 1, health benefits, etc)
  • Not in good location. Often, people are very busy and want coffee shops to be close to their place or on their way to drive. Accessibility in foot traffic is very important.
  • Product is not in good quality. The components you use to make coffee will determine the coffee’s taste outcome.
  • Do not have quality service. Train your crew or staff to treat customers like they should be treated.
  • Not offering a warm environment. The good ambience your coffee shop offers makes people go back.

This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.

Banana Burger Business Ideas

An alternative to fatty hamburgers in most fastfoods, banana burger is much cheaper and much healthier. All you need is to mix all the ingredients and mold it to make a patty. The taste of banana burger is almost the same as a regular burger. You'll earn more with banana burger since one piece of banana (saging na saba) will only cost Php2 while regular burger patty made from pork costs Php180+ per kilo. 

  • 10 banana (saging na saba), grated
  • 1 singkamas
  • 1 egg
  • knorr pork powder
  • flour
  • pepper
  • soy sauce
  • salt to taste

This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.

Water Refilling Station Business Ideas

Opening a water refilling station is a very good potential business. Water is a basic need for everybody so you will have lots of customers. Given the right venue and good marketing strategy, you can earn lots of money every month. This business is very simple to operate, can be installed in your home and the whole family can benefit from it.

What you need:
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Unit
  • Disinfection
  • Filters
  • Water tanks
  • Pumps or motors
  • Sign board
  • Stickers
  • Bottles slim
  • Motorcycle / Pedicab for delivery
  • Water testing
  • Heat gun

This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.

Christmas Special: Chocolate Gifts

Chocolates are wonderful gifts at every occasion or simply as desserts. Starting a chocolate business is really a good choice because it is easy to make, it only involves simple steps such as melting, pouring, and setting.

Materials Needed:
Different kinds of chocolate
Chopping knife
Double Boiler
Wooden and stainless spoons
Disposable plastic gloves
Lollipop stick
Chocolate papers/cups

This is another business ideas that will help you earn money and work at home.


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